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127mm Replica Projectile Mini Bar

You can now own a piece of military perfection from the legendary Mk-42 and Mk-45 Five Inch Gun!

BenShot has partnered up with Veteran Owned and Operated, Gunbusters Inc. to bring you this Full-Sized, Five Inch (127mm) Replica Naval Projectile with an internally housed mini bar.

A great addition to your man cave or home bar, this full-size replica stands a massive 26" tall and internally houses two BenShot .308 rocks glasses and one BenShot 750mL decanter with wooden topper.

    Set includes:

    • (1) Full Sized, Five Inch (127mm) Replica Naval Projectile with an internally housed mini bar consisting of:
    • (1) BenShot 750mL decanter with wooden topper
    • (2) BenShot 11oz rocks glasses with real .308 bullets embedded into the side.

    Projectile features:

    • Made from ultra-tough polymer composite with multiple surface treatments for lasting durability.
    • Like found on a modern naval ship with the Mk-42 or Mk-45 Five Inch Gun.
    • Nickel-plated fuze screws into the top just like the actual round. 
    • The markings are accurate and have been slightly altered to reflect it being a replica item.
    • Professionally painted in olive drab green color.
    • Glassware set can be personalized with custom laser etching.
    • Completely inert and safe; can be shipped anywhere in the USA. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Simone Molotsky
    EEOCA Graduate must have!!!

    If you want something unique, you’ve found a goldmine!

    Jose Ramon Telmont

    MERICA!!! Everybody that see it wants one. Deserving of a special spirit. Quickly became one of my main pieces. Love and respect to all out troops out there fighting to preserve out freedome. Thanks.

    Rayme Vinson
    Over all good, minor improvements

    I had a little trouble getting the foam pieces to fit, they were slightly mis-shapened. I know you don't make the shell case, but it would be nice if it was a 1/4 turn or 1/2 turn was all that was needed to remove the top.

    Gerald Hassmann
    Quality glassware

    The glasses we ordered had hand etching on them. The quality and workmanship was done very well. Thank you!

    Replica Projectile Mini Bar

    This was a gift for my brother (retired seabee). He was impressed with the attention to detail, accuracy, and craftmanship. You should understand that this is the ultimate compliment, because my brother is not easily impressed (five stars may not be a high enough rating)!