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Hard to Kill: Matt Hanlin

January 04, 2021

BenShot Hard to Kill candidate Matt Hanlin

Matt Hanlin was part of a nine-man team conducting a knock and talk on a meth lab. A suspect inside opened fire at the front door with a .357 magnum, killing CCSO Deputy David White and hitting Matt in the left arm, severing his brachial artery, and stopping on the left side. There were no medical kits on scene and another deputy used his own belt to tie a tourniquet around Matt's left arm, starting the process of saving his life. Matt was transported to Orange Park Medical Center where the trauma team saved not only his left arm, but also his life. This incident led the sheriff to direct medical kits to be in all Clay County, Florida, vehicles. The actions and sacrifices on February 16, 2012, by Deputies White and Hanlin without a doubt saved the life of Drew Stokes on September 26, 2017, when the responding deputies had medical bags that had been mandated to be placed into all county vehicles and the training to use them.

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