Hard To Kill: Drew Stokes

September 17, 2019

BenShot's Hard To Kill articles feature and share the stories of law enforcement officers around the country who have been shot in the line of duty and survived.
BenShot sends each honoree a "bulletproof" Thin Blue Line glass gift set. 

Aviation Enforcement Agent

Drew Stokes

"On September 26th, 2017 I was ambushed in cold blood walking out of a Publix grocery store just outside of Jacksonville, FL. From start to fished the entire sequence lasted about five seconds.
I was hit five time, once center mass, once in my right buttock, a round in each hip/leg, one in my left forearm.  My injuries were catastrophic, bullet number one lacerated my liver, bullet number two comprised my colon, I have three bullets in my body, one in each hip, the other next to my spine.
I wavered between life and death for several days, going to the other side twice.  I completely bled out and was given 19 Trauma Units of blood to keep me alive.  I was saved by heroic bystanders, the Clay County Sheriff’s Department, Clay County Fire Department, and the Trauma Staff at the Orange Park Medical Center.  I owe my life to them.
Through hard work, an amazing rehab team and support at home, work, my amazing friends and around the country I returned to light duty on January 2, 2018, after eleven surgeries I returned to full duty on April 9, 2018 and returned to the sky in June of 2018.
I will never quit on recovery."

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