Hard to Kill: Christopher Crowder

January 10, 2023

H2K nominee Christopher Crowder
On August 22, 2020, Christopher Crowder, 30, a two-year member of the LRPD in Little Rock, Arkansas, was shot two times in a drive-by revenge shooting. Officer Crowder was making a courtesy call to a home that had been involved in a shooting the night before when he was hit in the crossfire of a violent feud, two times in the right leg with 7.62 caliber bullets fired from an AR15 rifle. Crowder was taken to the UAMS Medical Center for treatment and was released. 

According to police records, a neighbor reported seeing a silver Cadillac fleeing the scene, while video surveillance from the home of another neighbor showed a light-colored Cadillac driving by the house with muzzle fire coming from the vehicle's passenger side.

LRPD officers arrested 19-year-old Tashawn Landers. He was charged with aggravated assault, first-degree battery, terroristic act, and first-degree unlawful discharge of a firearm from a vehicle. Jaiden Lee, 19, was also arrested and charged with multiple felonies in connection with the shooting.

Officer Christopher Crowder has since made a full recovery.

Our H2K articles feature and share the stories of law enforcement officers around the country who have been shot in the line of duty and survived.

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