Hard To Kill: Jeremy Scharlow

November 01, 2019

BenShot's Hard To Kill articles feature and share the stories of law enforcement officers around the country who have been shot in the line of duty and survived.
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Former Michigan Police Officer

Jeremy Scharlow 

"On May 7, 2016 while on patrol I attempted to notify a man who had parked in his driveway that he had been driving without his lights on. 
As I rolled down the window to speak to him, his brother ran at my squad car cursing. I opened my door and the man began attacking me... he punched me repeatedly in the head - I fought back using my taser in attempt to stop his assaults. Tasing him did not have ANY effect on this man... it was as if I had hit him with a squirt gun. 
I was able to create some distance and yelled for him to stop. Then, he pulled out a pistol and shot me. Although struck in my dominate arm, I drew my weapon and returned fire striking the man in his neck and leg. He went down to the ground as I took a knee and reloaded. 
I saw the blood and the hole in my arm and knew I needed to find cover. As I reloaded the man got up and ran into his home.  After notifying dispatch that I had been shot the man then exited the house with an AK47 and unloaded on my squad car. He then got into a vehicle, struck my squad car, and escaped the scene. 
I relieve this nightmare constantly... I seem him in peoples faces as they walk by. I hear him yelling my name in my dreams. Part of me died that day. 
Operation Enduring Warrior: Task Force Sentinel showed me, although I would never patrol a street again, I was still a brother."
To learn more about OEW please visit their website here: https://www.enduringwarrior.org/
It is our duty to ensure their mission continues so all of our brother’s and sister’s do not fight their mental battles alone!

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