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BenShot's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

BenShot Pint Glass filled with milk next to homemade cookies for Santa Clause.

Christmas is just around the corner, and we know that you want to be the person who gives THAT gift this year. You know - that unique, handcrafted, and meaningful gift that leaves the recipient speechless.

Let’s be honest: 2020 has sucked so far. Don’t make it worse by giving a gift that nobody wants. We’ll guide you to the coolest gifts for those hard-to-shop-for people in your life this year.

All of our glasses are uniquely handcrafted in our glass workshop in Wisconsin, so you can take pride knowing your purchases help support American workers, American creativity, and American small business!

Gun Lovers

BenShot Pint Glass, BenShot Shot Glass, and BenShot Rocks Glass on a table in front of a Christmas tree.

Bullets, beer, and booze!  Our “Bulletproof” glasses are sure-fire conversation starters at any get together. Gift one of these bad boys to the person who loves their right to bear arms just as much as their right to bear booze.



BenShot Patriotic Pint Glass on a table in front of a Christmas tree.

True patriots drink alcohol and love America. It’s a fact. If you’re in need of a gift for a patriot in your life, look no further than our Patriotic line of glasses featuring US flag designs, the Second Amendment, and more. 


Hunting and Fishing Lovers

BenShot Fishing Lure Rocks Glass on a table with Christmas lights in the background.

Shopping for an outdoor enthusiast? From fishing lures to broadheads to shotgun shells, we've got you covered! They'll enjoy their favorite beverage even more in one of these glasses after a long day on the lake or in the woods.


Military and Thin Line

BenShot Thin Blue Line Rocks Glass on a table next to Christmas decorations with Christmas lights in the background.

If anyone deserves a stiff drink, it’s the men and women who serve our country. Show them your support by gifting them one of our handcrafted glasses custom etched with USMC EGA, Army Sniper Association, Thin Blue Line, and more.


Sports Lovers

BenShot Golf Ball Wine Glass and BenShot SlapShot Hockey Puck Pint Glass on a table next to Christmas decorations with Christmas lights in the background.

Treat your favorite puckhead or golf enthusiast with one of these handcrafted masterpieces! Our golf ball glasses are embedded with real Titleist golf balls, while our SlapShot™ glasses are embedded with 1.5” mini hockey pucks!


Gifts for Two

BenShot Rocks Glass and Wine Glass Gift Set on a table next to Christmas decorations.

They say "two is better than one." We offer gift sets of two glasses in a variety of combinations. Glasses come packaged in a custom built gift box with die-cut foam inserts. You can also personalize your glasses with custom laser etching!